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Legal Disclaimer: Compliance with Intellectual Property Rights

Legal Disclaimer: Compliance with Intellectual Property Rights

This legal notice serves to affirm that the FV Travel Group website adheres entirely to the legal framework governing intellectual property rights concerning images. FV Travel Group asserts that all visual content featured on its website is acquired and utilized in strict accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Acquisition of Images:

FV Travel Group exclusively obtains all images and photographs displayed on its website through legitimate means. These images are sourced solely through the subscription services provided by, a reputable provider of web creation architectures. The acquisition process involves the utilization of the Photos Wix tool, which grants access to a repository of images for free, and the "Unsplash" free download tool, both integrated into the Wix platform.

Compliance with Terms of Use:

In procuring and utilizing images from, FV Travel Group adheres rigorously to the terms of service and conditions outlined by This includes strict observance of rules regarding authorship, attribution, and permissible use, as prescribed by for its subscribed customers utilizing its website creation platform.

Non-Commercial Usage:

It is important to emphasize that all images featured on the FV Travel Group website are employed strictly for illustrative and demonstrative purposes. They are not utilized for commercial gain nor are they resold in any capacity. FV Travel Group does not engage in any form of commercialization of the visual content displayed on its website.

Dispute Resolution:

In the event of any dispute or claim concerning the acquisition or use of images on the FV Travel Group website, all grievances should be directed towards FV Travel Group maintains that it has upheld its obligations and responsibilities in ensuring compliance with intellectual property laws and regulations. Any inquiries, concerns, or claims should be addressed directly to, the provider of the website creation platform and associated image acquisition tools.


FV Travel Group affirms its unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct in all its operations. The utilization of images on its website is conducted in strict conformity with applicable legal provisions, with due respect for the rights and interests of content creators and copyright holders.

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